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  • Would you be able to help me with teambuilding for NU? I'm not very good, and I can't connect to IRC for some reason. ._.;;
    I know! I commend Shiny on his very fast updates though. My updates aren't very fast, although I'm doing like three Scramble prose projects at once, along with a Nuzlocke. I need to stop taking on so many projects! D: I intend on updating my HG Scramble soon. :) And what should I do about my Black Scramblocke? I wanna update, but it would be a waste of time if I get destroyed by Lenora or Elesa. I wanna get through to the E4, because if I lose, I have a planned ending for it.
    OMG, poor Bounty! D: Shiny knows how to captivate the reader, for sure. :O I'm sure getting the hell beaten out of her by flurry of kicks was horrible to see. O_O But now Emo's suicidal rage is unlocked and stuff. :O And I need to really get my Scrambles in gear, still writing an update for my HG, and I suffered a casualty or two from my Black Scramblocke already. D:
    Well, I will be getting back to the Scramble soon, but not today.

    I have been chosen by some friends here to write the intro to a futuristic RPG. I also have a movie series that I want to watch, so It;ll be somwhere between tomorrow and the weekend before I get back to scrambling.
    As today is my final exam day, I'll have the updates coming out fairly quick.

    Anything you think I could have dine better?
    Oh shit, I am so going to reget this insanely hard Platinum Scramble, but this will be so much fun at the same time. O.o PM me and let's see what you got. ;3
    I did make sure, I even disconnected and reconnected. Though right now I'm not on since I'm off to bed.
    That's always fun. Can't wait to hear how Plasma the Larvesta/Volcarona treats you. :3 Also, are you going to have a reason why you named him/her Plasma? :O I suggested it, but are you going to make a reason up for it? :o
    Can I add another restriction to your Darumaka?

    So Darumaka was descended from Can'tdoit the Piplup, its 10x great-grandfather. Its 6x great-grandmother was abducted by the recently disbanded Pokemon Pinchers form Oblivia. While getting chased by the Rangers Ben and Summer riding Latios and Latias, respectively, they dropped Seviper into the ocean, where it was rescued by a Lapras and brought to Unova. Grim's past form was a Lillipup at this time, and Darumaka's 4x great-grandfather, another Seviper, killed Grim the Lillipup's last form during a Nuzlocke. Then, that Seviper took a female Darmanitan as a mate. Now, Grim hates your Darumaka, and every time they go in battle together, they try to kill each other.
    Yeah, you can knock it out, but it'll just stay there without progressing the storyline. The storyline basically MAKES you catch Zekrom/Reshiram. And Arceustar gave you two Pokémon, both of them horribly crippled to the point of uselessness. o_o
    Would you have accepted something like RBZW's Stupid the Shuckle that s/he gave me and EndQuote? Also, the game forces you to catch your game's Dragon, unless he meant to solo N's Dragon.
    I just read over my challenge and realized an error:

    The Grim's black "G" is susposed to form 24 RL hours, not game hours >.>

    Sorry about the inconsistance. Of course, when you write the update, it'll appear in 24 hours if the update is more than one day.
    Well, seeing as Can'tDoIt couldn't evolve, perhaps the little fellow gat the gen from its ancestor? Now it cannot evolve either?

    That'd be an interesting twist :)
    Injections, radiation, ultrasonic waves. The list goes on as to what torture they could do to a poor Larvesta in its' egg. :o How about you name your Larvesta Plasma, or maybe Confused? Damaged?
    How will your Larvesta be experimented on? I intentionally left it blank so you could say how Plasma fucked with it in its' egg. Also, have it solo one of Ghetsis' Pokèmon, since it heard his voice outside of its' egg while in the P2 Lab.
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